Reiki Crystal Candles

Enhancing a sense of well being

Christmas Candles

These range of Christmas Candles have been created for you to use or gift to others to promote a sense of well-being over the festive season. Each vegan friendly soy candle is hand poured then blended with the finest fragrance oils, quality crystals and infused with Reiki healing energy. 

Due to the natural formation of the crystals, please be aware that the crystals within each candle will differ.

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200ml Apple and Cinnamon Candle with Snow Quartz Crystals £21.95 100ml Candles £11.95

200ml Christmas Spice Candle with Snow Quartz Crystals £21.95 100ml Candles £11.95

   200ml Christmas Pudding Candle with Snow Quartz Crystals £21.95 100ml Candles £11.95

Snow Quartz is a crystal of good luck that will help open doors of opportunities and helps to clear negative thoughts